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CCNA Exam Philippines

Written by: Megan Bolivar | 07 Mar, 2011 05:45:39
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CCNA certification is one of the premier certifications offered by CISCO systems. Exam questions had dramatically improved and upgraded to cope up with the new technologies being adapted by large companies worldwide.

CCNA questions nowadays become a bit harder compared to previous exams. CISCO now designed their CCNA exams so that no one can pass the exam unless you really know how to manipulate and administer a real CISCO routers and Catalyst Switches, in short you should have hands on experience on how to setup and configure a real CISCO devices to become CCNA certified.

Almost 1/4 of the CCNA exam questions are real life simulation questions. You will be given a scenario wherein you will gonna have to use your fingers to type all those cisco router commands such as net, route and all of those command line interface thing. so be sure to equip yourself with hands on knowledge on how to do the real thing which are configuring the routers and switches live online.

If you are not sure if you can do all the CCNA simulation questions then don't even think about calling the Pearson Vue call center to schedule your CCNA exam because you will likely fail the exam.

The passing grade for CCNA exam is now 850 so if you fail the simulation questions and then assuming you get all the drag and drop questions, adaptive questions and other questions your grade will still not reach the passing score of 850.

If you want to ace the CCNA exam you need to be prepared don't rely heavily on braindumps questions that is not enough you need a solid experience on how to configure a CISCO routers and Switches to pass the Exam.

There are lots of CCNA training centers who offer CCNA bootcamp training. These training centers will definitely help you acquire the hands on experience you need on how to manage and setup CISCO routed networks.

Selecting your CCNA training provider is crucial in finding your way to become one of the recognized CCNA certified professional. You need to check the reputation of the training provider start by researching the company's history of producing CCNA's what will be the passing percentage of their CCNA examinees.

Look for the CISCO equipments used for the training ensure that you will not be using obsolete CISCO routers for your training. Are the trainers CCNA certified? Do they offer CCNA review after the training? Do they provide review materials for CCNA exam? Do they have on site testing facility for the CCNA exam? if answers for all those questions are yes then go for it fill up their registration form and enroll now. You will definitely pass the CCNA exam after the training.

You can start checking this site. Hands ON CCNA Training and become one of the successfull CCNA trainees the company had ever produced.

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